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Old Town: In search of unparalleled entertainment?) Old Town offers an (abundant selection of nightlife activities, guaranteeing unforgettable evenings that stretch into the early hours.

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Old Town adds in the breath of fresh air as you’ll find new buildings mixed in with a few charming restaurants in old Victorian buildings that survived the great Chicago Fire. This vibrant neighborhood offers a delightful mix of past and present, ensuring every stroll is filled with discovery.

Still looking for more fun? Gold Coast/ Old Town have an endless amount of nightlife activities that are sure to keep you up till the brink of dawn, if you choose. Whether you're a food enthusiast eager to explore cozy restaurants tucked away in historical buildings or a night owl in search of lively entertainment that keeps the city awake until dawn, Old Town, alongside the Gold Coast, presents an array of activities to satisfy your cravings for fun and adventure.

With its endless nightlife options and charming urban landscape, Old Town is not just a place to live; it's a destination to experience. From the serene daylight hours revealing architectural marvels to the exhilarating pulse of the night, this neighborhood promises moments worth cherishing.

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Old Town

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